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June 20th, 2005
02:28 pm


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I Met John Doe...
I met one of my heroes on Saturday: John Doe.

He signed the sleeve of the 7-inch I bought from the merch. lady out in front of the theater.
It's music he did for the movie "The Red Right Hand"(har.)

This concert kicked so much ass. He did some stuff from his new record: Forever Hasn't Happened Yet, and alot of X songs: Burning House Of Love(2nd. song, just him and an acoustic guitar on stage..ooh), 4th. of July, Poor Little Girl(blazin' version with his band on hand, from the album 'More Fun In the New World'), and White Girl(there was a rather annoying man in his 50's sitting directly behind me that keep calling out: 'White Girl!', even while Mr. Doe was talking. He said: "Any requests?" Guess what this guy yelled?Maybe they were planning on playing the song beforehand, though. So this guy of course about loses it when it's played(right after the request question too).

So I go backstage, as is offered as an option at these Sings Like Hell shows. And I stand, psyching myself up, waiting for about 10-15 min. Snack on some RedHots and goldfish offered at the tables. Then, here he comes, all laid-back and shiny new ideas-feeling. I wait patiently for others to regale him with stories of "I saw you at.." and ask for autographs. He sees me, standing by and listening. Then, finally, he apologizes, to me, I think, (for such a long wait?). I approach and offer up a "Will you favor me greatly by signing this?" He does so, I recount the spelling of my name. I say "Thank you so much". He says: "Anything else I can do for you at all? Any questions?" I say: "I'm just kind of in awe..

He said: "Well, I'm flattered, a couple of young kids like yourselves.."(looking at my companion and I).
He asked if I was sure, and I said it was alright, and thanked him again. Then we left, me thinking of myself as a bit of a moron for not coming up with one question, but under the circumstances, looking back, I suppose I did alright.

My companion said there was some quality about John Doe that made him just grin.
I knew exactly what he was talking about.

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Date:June 21st, 2005 06:10 am (UTC)
Awesome! When I saw X for the second time, I was right in front of John - he's so amazing live! He slipped me a guitar pick, but I dropped it and my friend got it and wouldn't give it to me! Oh well! Go you!
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Date:June 21st, 2005 05:05 pm (UTC)
They wouldn't give it back? Ooh, I'd kill 'em, heh.

But, that's awesome. I wasn't that close, but later I sure was.

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